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Murat Arıkan

Murat Arıkan

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Murat Arıkan

Bert M. Azizoglu

Murat Arıkan

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Murat Arıkan

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Murat Arıkan

Taylan Kaleci

Murat Arıkan

Kaan Uçar

Our History


The Beginning and Bootstrap Stage

Murat Arıkan and Can Turgay decided to work on a project called Erecle 3D to create a new way to visualize point clouds. This new way is based on Murat's prior academic research

December 2013

Baby Steps and Friends&Family Stage

Murat Arıkan and Can Turgay's work has turned into a working prototpye capable of visualizing vast amount of data. They worked on topics like visual Big Data, texturing point clouds at eyebrow-lifting speed and a skillful software with a small footprint. Their aspirations got recognized by their friends and family, who helped them continue their work.

August 2014

Company Formation and the Seed Investment

Our initiative joined the Incubator of the Teknopark Istanbul Research Park as well as the Incubator of accent Gründerservice GmbH. Soon thereafter, we began negotiations with the Netherlands-based Diffusion Capital Fund Cooperatief U.A. and finalized the seed-finance investment round. This allowed us to develop our corporate infrastructure, grow our team and accelerate our R&D efforts.


We are produdly backed by...

European Union and the Republic of Turkey

This project is partly financed with funding by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey.


This project is supported by accent Gründerservice GmbH.

aws impulse XS

This project is partly funded by the “aws impulse XS” Grant Program, funded by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy of the Republic of Austria, and administered by the Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH.