We offer one-stop-shop services with proven results to lighten your workload.

Laser Scanning

We perform laser scans and generate detailed models of buildings, structures and outdoor environments.

We conduct terrestrial scans for your surveying needs (large physical objects, buildings, indoor spaces and outdoor environments). We process the 3D point clouds acquired from these scans. If you prefer an even more enhanced graphics quality, we can texture the output model with photos taken during the laser scanning process.

Server-Side Processing

Even though the NUBIGON processing algorithm to handle visual Big Data is one of the most efficient on the market, some users might see data processing as a hassle. And others might not process data regularly. Whatever the reason, you can use our infrastructure for processing. Either send us a disk or upload your data to our servers, we can process it for you.

Software Development

Off-the-shelf software products are the choice of most companies. They are readily available, yet ineffective and inflexible, limiting the capabilities of your business. Thanks to our flexible software architecture, we can respond to the ever changing demands of our users and develop customized solutions. With NUBIGON, it’s the software that adapts to your needs and not the other way around.

When you think 3D tools can be more user-friendly and powerful, you are not mistaken. We offer customized tools meeting your needs and helping your business to grow.