NUBIGON is a powerful reality capture software. It unleashes the true capacity of point clouds.

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NUBIGON is a powerful reality capture software for advanced point cloud visualization and 3D modeling. It seamlessly visualizes full-resolution LiDAR and photogrammetric point clouds in high quality. Equipped with versatile tools for pre-design and as-built modeling, NUBIGON helps users to make more out of point clouds in the AEC industries.

Data Management

Visualize point clouds at full-resolution in real time and experience the power of immersive point cloud navigation.

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Generate 2D/3D CAD models with tools combining efficiency and versatility.

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Point Cloud Editing

Prepare point clouds for high-quality visualization and 3D modeling with user-friendly editing tools.

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Automated Floor Plans

Sketch outlines at any elevation and NUBIGON produces accurate floor plans for you.

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Cross Sections

Create multiple cross sections in a quick, yet precise and reliable fashion.

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Generate Meshes

Efficiently extract accurate meshes from point clouds.

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Camera Animation

Produce high-quality point cloud fly-throughs and videos.

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Lights and Shadows

Render lights and shadows directly in point cloud environments.

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Power-up your software's point cloud visualization capacity with the NUBIGON SDK.

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  • Surveying

    NUBIGON streamlines the reality capture pipeline of laser scanning. Once registered, point clouds are imported into NUBIGON where they can be edited and processed for full-resolution visualization, modeling and more. For the first time, laser scanning service providers can quickly and appealingly visualize their projects and use them for client demonstrations. NUBIGON is further equipped with versatile tools to complete any modeling task with great ease, precision, and accuracy.

  • Architecture

    NUBIGON is the only software to make use of full-resolution point clouds for pre-design modeling. Our approach documents the finest architectural details and allows for an immediate high-quality virtual tour of the scanning environment. Users can then utilize our advanced modeling tools to generate pre-design models. With the help of NUBIGON, architects can also easily communicate pre-design conditions along with their designs to customers.

  • Construction

    NUBIGON is the most precise and accurate point cloud software for as-built modeling. Our powerful point cloud engine efficiently visualizes point clouds in full resolution allowing for reliable QA/QC. Thanks to NUBIGON's unique data management capacity, users can load and compare unlimited volumes of point clouds and models, making it easier to identify changes throughout the building lifecycle.

  • Mining & Civil Engineering

    With NUBIGON, users can visualize point clouds of large civil engineering and mining projects in full-resolution and seamlessly navigate these virtual environments. By eliminating the need for down-sampling, we offer the most detailed use of point clouds for reality capture. With NUBIGON's user-friendly tools, users can then model the scanned environment precisely and accurately.

  • Archaeology

    NUBIGON promises the highest possible image quality among all automatic 3D modeling software programs. Archeological sites, landmarks and buildings of cultural importance are more easily documented, virtually preserved and made more widely available.

  • Services

    Complementary to NUBIGON, we develop customized software solutions, perform terrestrial laser scans and generate detailed models of buildings, structures, and outdoor environments.



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