NUBIGON is a very solution.

NUBIGON is a powerful reality capture software. It unleashes the true capacity of point clouds.

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NUBIGON is a powerful reality capture software. It visualizes LiDAR and photogrammetric point clouds in real time and in full HD without reducing model precision. NUBIGON unleashes the true capacity of point clouds by overcoming processing limitations faced by comparable software products.

Data Management

Explore immense amounts of reality capture data without restrictions or dumb-down tricks.


Create 2D or 3D drawings from reality capture data without the need for orthophotos or other legacy techniques.

Point Cloud Editing

Import, view, and edit point clouds to prepare them for all CAD software.

Automated Floor Plans

Sketch outlines at any height and NUBIGON automatically draws the floor plan.

Cross Sections

Create multiple cross sections in a quick, yet precise and reliable fashion.

Volume Computation

Calculate the volume of excavated areas with just a few clicks.

Generate Meshes

Extract accurate meshes from point clouds efficiently.

Camera Animation

Create high quality point cloud fly-throughs and produce videos.


  • Surveying

    We perform laser scans and generate detailed models of buildings, structures and outdoor environments.
    We conduct terrestrial scans for your surveying needs (large physical objects, buildings, indoor spaces and outdoor environments). We process the 3D point clouds acquired from these scans. If you prefer an even more enhanced graphics quality, we can texture the output model with photos taken during the laser scanning process.

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  • Architecture

    NUBIGON kicks off a new era for the modeling existing buildings. It replaces conventionally labor-intensive, time-consuming and unreliable surveying methods with an almost fully-automated approach. The resulting model serves as the foundation for the renovation of existing buildings. With the help of NUBIGON, architects can also easily communicate their renovation proposals to customers. NUBIGON, dramatically reduces the costs for renovation projects, by saving time in the early surveying and client communication phases of the project.

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  • Construction

    NUBIGON assists the construction process with the comparison tool that can easily identify differences between the initial designs and the as-built conditions. It adds to the efficiency and reliability of the overall project, by easing coordination between different parties involved in the projects and increasing accountability for deviations from the design plans. The inspection tool is further specialized in identifying physical changes along the lifecycle of a building, which reduces maintenance costs. NUBIGON illustrates and promotes the interim stages as well as the finalized product.

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  • Mining & Civil Engineering

    NUBIGON precisely reconstructs and visualizes large and complex surfaces of mines and large civil engineering projects like water dams with unchallenged ease and user-friendliness. NUBIGON prevails where other programs fail to due to size of the data sets. The surveying tool saves time and labor while increasing reliability and precision. The inspection tool further enhances worker safety by virtualizing the inspection tasks, especially in dangerous environments.

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  • Archaeology

    NUBIGON promises the highest possible image quality among all automatic 3D modeling software programs. Archeological sites, landmarks and buildings of cultural importance are more easily documented, virtually preserved and made more widely available.


Pricing plan

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one month

Point Cloud Visualiser

No CAD Tools

No Import&Export

No Point Cloud Editing

No Support

1 seat



per year

Point Cloud Editor

2D&3D CAD Tools

Data Manager

Point Cloud Manipulating

Basic Support

1 Seat



project based

Point Cloud Editor

2D&3D CAD Tools

Data Manager

Point Cloud Editing

Basic Support

Multiple Seat

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